About Us

Our Mission is to provide the smoothest, most comfortable, and most enjoyable bicycle riding experience ever.


Our Story

Autobike was officially formed in January 2011, but the idea came about around two years before then. Many of the founders grew up together, and riding bikes was their ticket to freedom and fun. It was more about the experience, riding with friends, and exploring than anything else. That does not seem to exist today with $10,000 racing bikes, crazy aerodynamic helmets, and spandex riding gear.

We wanted to bring the riding experience that we remembered back.


Our Process

Our goal is to create the best bicycle riding experience for you. To accomplish this, we collect invaluable feedback from customers like you to understand what is important. From there, our dedicated team of engineers use a combination of technology, product innovation, and magic to deliver. We believe the bike industry has long neglected the non-enthusiast rider, and we are here to the rescue.