AutoBike Voyage now available for rent in Florida!

May 15th, 2013

Some pretty exciting news to share! Part of our plan to evolve the bicycle and get more people riding and enjoying bikes was to get as many people on the bike in any and every way possible. The excitement and energy that occurs after people ride the bike is contagious so we want to create those experiences as often as possible!

We’ve done both bike and non-bike events, paraded the bike around to various community events, and pretty much anything we could think of that would help. We’re now excited to announce that we will have bikes available for rent at bike rental locations in Florida (and elsewhere soon) so that people can experience the ride that only our bikes can offer!

The first three shops that will have our bikes are:

Evolve Bicycles and eBikes in Celebration, FL –


West Orange Trail Bikes and Blades in Winter Garden, FL –


And Big Momma’s Bicycles in Naples, FL –


Big thanks to these shops that see the value in helping us evolve the bike!