Metro Detroit draws 2-wheel makers as bicycling on the rise – Detroit Free Press

May 6th, 2013

New bike technology

“Detroit is becoming one of the places for anything new, and biking is one of those things,” said Sean Simpson, a former General Motors engineer who, with his best friend from childhood, another buddy and his dad, started AutoBike in Troy in 2011. “Bikes aren’t all that dissimilar to cars.”

They invented technology that will let bikes automatically change gears and track — through mobile apps — data, such as speed and distance traveled.

The six-employee company is gearing up to start production, targeting baby boomers with $1,000 bikes. They seek to sell up to 500 bikes online and at their Troy shop this year, and hope that bike riders and other manufacturers will want their their patented technology and it will revolutionize the industry.

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