Introducing the Voyage Cruiser

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How it Works

No shifting…Just fun!

Introducing Autobike, the automatic shifting bicycle that delivers the simplest, smoothest, most comfortable riding experience ever.


The Brains

Autobike has a small computer and sensors discreetly located on the bike to make the magic happen. This feature tells the bike when to shift gears so you don't have to.


Gear Shifter

The gear shifter receives the signal from "the brains" and, through the use of a small motor attached to the rear hub, moves the transmission into the optimal position to maintain rider comfort.



Our bike is equipped with a NuVinci N360 rear hub. This means you'll have such smooth, seamless shifts that you won't even notice them. No more grinding gears or loud noises caused by the chain getting jammed into a new gear like those other bikes.


Self-Generating Power

Autobike provides power to the brains and gear shifter as you pedal thanks to a SRAM front hub dynamo. There is no need to plug in or charge your bike.

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Voyage Specifications

Your Autobike comes with a 30-day, no-hassle, money-back guarantee. If you do not love the riding experience, simply return the bike and we will refund your full purchase price.