15 Best Bike Travel Cases And Bags for Extra Protection

1. Hard Shell Bike Cases 2. Soft Shell Bike Bags 3. Wheeled Bike Bags

4. Frame Bags 5. Handlebar Bags 6. Seat Packs

7. Rack Trunks and Panniers 8. Stuff Sacks and Dry Bags 9. Camera Cases

There are a lot of different options for bike travel cases and bags. Here are 15 of the best, to help you choose the right one for your needs. 1. Biknd Helium Bike Case

This is a great option if you need a lightweight case that will still protect your bike during travel. It has foam padding and internal straps to keep everything in place, and it even comes with a pump so you can inflate your tires before riding again. 2. Thule RoundTrip Transition Bike Case

This case has room for both your bike and gear, making it perfect for longer trips. The hard shell protects against impacts, while the internal straps keep everything secure. You can also add on wheels for easier transport through airports or other busy areas.

5 Best Bike Box & Bike Travel Bags

What are the Best Bike Travel Cases And Bags for Extra Protection

Bike travel cases and bags are designed to protect your bike during transport. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your bike and your needs. Here are some things to consider when choosing a bike travel case or bag:

Size: Make sure the bag or case you choose is big enough to fit your entire bike, including the handlebars, pedals, and any other accessories you need to take with you. Protection: Look for a bag or case that offers padded walls and/or compartments for extra protection. This will help keep your bike safe from bumps and scratches during transport.

Ease of use: Choose a bag or case that is easy to pack and unpack. You don’t want to be struggling with zippers and straps every time you need to use it. Additionally, look for a bag or case with wheels.

This will make it easier to move around, whether you’re loading it into a car or rolling it through an airport terminal.

How Do I Choose the Right Size Case Or Bag for My Bike

In order to choose the right size case or bag for your bike, you will need to take a few measurements. First, measure the length of your bike from the handlebars to the rear axle. Next, measure the width of your bike at its widest point.

Finally, measure the height of your bike from the ground to the top of the handlebars. Once you have these measurements, you can consult a sizing chart to find the right size case or bag for your bike.

What Features Should I Look for in a Bike Travel Case Or Bag

When looking for a bike travel case or bag, there are several features to look for in order to ensure that your bike will be properly protected during transport. Firstly, make sure that the case or bag is specifically designed for bikes – not all luggage is created equal and you don’t want to risk damaging your beloved bicycle. Secondly, check the dimensions to make sure that it will fit your bike – most cases and bags will accommodate a range of frame sizes but it’s always best to double check.

Thirdly, consider how you will be traveling with your bike – if you’re flying, look for a case or bag with built-in wheels for easy maneuverability through the airport; if you’re driving, choose something that can be securely attached to your vehicle. Finally, take into account any additional features that might be useful such as internal pockets for storing pedals or other small items, or an integrated pump so you can inflate your tires after arrival. With these factors in mind, you’ll be sure to find the perfect bike travel case or bag for your needs.

How Do I Pack My Bike into a Travel Case Or Bag

When travelling with your bike, you’ll want to make sure it’s properly packed so that it doesn’t get damaged in transit. Here are a few tips on how to pack your bike into a travel case or bag: 1. Remove any loose items from your bike such as water bottles, pumps, etc.

You don’t want these rattling around and potentially damaging your frame. 2. If possible, remove the pedals and handlebars. This will make the bike more compact and less likely to be damaged in transit.

3. Wrap your frame in padding – this can be something as simple as bubble wrap or even towels. This will help protect your frame from scratches or dents. 4. Place your wheels in wheel bags – these are essentially padded bags that will keep your wheels safe during transport.

5. Once everything is packed up, close the case or bag and secure it with straps or bungee cords. And that’s it! Just make sure to give everything a final check before heading to the airport or train station.

What are Some Tips for Traveling With My Bike

Assuming you’d like tips for traveling with a bike in general: -Before packing your bike, give it a once over to make sure everything is tightened and functioning properly. This includes the chain, brakes, gears, tires, and handlebars.

You don’t want anything coming loose or breaking while in transit. -Remove any loose items from your pockets (keys, phone, etc) as they can fall out and become lost while riding. -Pack essential tools and supplies in case of a flat tire or other emergency.

This could include a spare inner tube, patch kit, multi-tool, hand pump, and/or CO2 cartridges. -If possible, travel with your bike in a hard case or box. This will offer the most protection during transit.

If you don’t have a hard case, you can use padded bags designed specifically for bikes. These are often cheaper and take up less space than a hard case when not in use. -When flying with your bike, book it as oversized luggage.

Most airlines will charge an additional fee for this service but it’s worth it to avoid potential damage to your bike during transport.

15 Best Bike Travel Cases And Bags for Extra Protection

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Evoc Bike Travel Bag

When it comes to packing your bike for travel, the Evoc Bike Travel Bag is one of the best options on the market. This bag is specifically designed to protect your bike during travel, and it features a number of great features that make it perfect for air or car travel. First and foremost, the Evoc Bike Travel Bag features padded walls to help protect your bike from bumps and scratches.

There’s also a removable wheelset sleeve so you can easily keep your wheels protected while in transit. The bag also has an integrated frame stand, which makes it easy to set up and take down your bike when you’re ready to ride. And finally, there are plenty of pockets and compartments for storing all of your riding gear, so everything will be within reach when you need it.

Whether you’re traveling by air or car, the Evoc Bike Travel Bag is a great option for protecting your bike during transit. With its padded walls and removable wheelset sleeve, this bag has everything you need to keep your bike safe during travel.

Best Bike Travel Cases 2022

Bike travel cases are an essential piece of equipment for any cyclist who plans on traveling with their bike. There are a few different types of bike travel cases, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing to consider when choosing a bike travel case is how well it will protect your bike during transit.

Hard-shell cases are the most expensive option, but they offer the best protection for your bike. These cases are made from tough materials like aluminum or carbon fiber, and they’re designed to withstand rough treatment from baggage handlers. Hard-shell cases are also the heaviest option, so they’re not ideal for cyclists who plan on doing a lot of flying with their bikes.

Soft-sided cases are less expensive than hard-shell cases, and they’re much lighter, making them a good choice for air travel. However, soft-sided cases don’t offer as much protection as hard-shell cases, so you’ll need to be extra careful when packing your bike into one of these bags. Wheeled bike bags are another option that’s becoming increasingly popular among cyclists.

These bags have wheels built into them, so you can roll yourbike right into the airport terminal. Wheeled bike bags offer good protection for your bike and make it easy to transport through busy airports. However, they’re usually more expensive than soft-sidedcases and can be difficult to maneuver in tight spaces.

Whatever type ofbike travel case you choose, make sure it’s big enough to fit your bicycle frame and all of its components (wheels, pedals, etc.). And always pack yourbike travel case with care to ensure that your beloved two-wheeler arrives at your destination safe and sound!

Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro

If you’re looking for a high-quality bike travel bag, the Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro is a great option. It’s made from durable materials and features a number of convenient features that make it easy to transport your bike. The bag has plenty of room for your bike and all of its accessories, and the padded interior protects your bike from scratches and damage during transit.

The bag also has wheels for easy rolling, and an adjustable handle that makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Overall, the Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro is a great option for anyone who needs a safe and reliable way to transport their bike.

Bike Travel Case for Sale

Bike Travel Case for Sale Do you like to travel with your bike, but hate the hassle of trying to find a safe and secure way to transport it? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Our Bike Travel Case is the perfect solution for getting your two-wheeled friend from point A to point B without any drama. The case is made from sturdy aluminum and features a foam interior that will keep your bike protected while in transit. Plus, it’s equipped with wheels and a handle so you can easily roll it around – no more lugging your heavy bike around the airport!

And best of all, our Bike Travel Case is currently on sale for a limited time. So don’t wait – order yours today and start planning your next cycling adventure!

Used Bike Travel Case

If you’ve ever traveled with a bike, you know that trying to fit your wheels into a regular suitcase can be next to impossible. That’s why many cyclists opt for a used bike travel case – an oversized hardshell that allows you to easily pack up your two-wheeled steed and hit the road. There are a few different types of used bike travel cases on the market, but they all share some common features.

Most are made from tough polycarbonate or aluminum, and all have plenty of internal padding to protect your frame and components. Some even come with built-in wheels for easy transport through the airport. The main thing to consider when choosing a used bike travel case is size.

You’ll need one that’s big enough to comfortably fit your bicycle, but not so large that it becomes unwieldy or difficult to maneuver. Many cases also have adjustable straps inside that let you cinch down your ride for added security. Once you’ve found the perfect used bike travel case, packing it up is relatively straightforward.

Start by removing any loose items from your bicycle, like water bottles or pump (these can go in your checked luggage). Then, lower one side of the case onto the ground and carefully roll your bike in tires-first. If possible, try to avoid letting the chain contact the floor of the case – this could cause it to become tangled.

Once your bike is securely in place, add any additional padding around vulnerable areas like the handlebars or saddle, and close up the case. Most cases have latches or clasps that keep them shut during transport, as well as handles or wheels for easy carrying through airports or train stations. Finally, don’t forget to label everything clearly with your name and contact information!

Scicon Bike Bag

There are few worse feeling than arriving at your destination, ready to ride, only to find that your bike is damaged. You know that you packed it carefully, but somehow it still managed to get jostled in transit. If you’re looking for a way to protect your bike when traveling, consider investing in a Scicon Bike Bag.

The Scicon Bike Bag is made from sturdy materials and is designed specifically for bicycles. It features padded walls and an internal frame to keep your bike secure. There’s also plenty of room for all of your gear, so you can pack everything you need for a successful trip.

When choosing a bike bag, it’s important to find one that will fit your specific bicycle. Scicon offers several different sizes of bags, so you’re sure to find one that’s just right. And because the bag is carried on your back, it won’t add any extra weight to your already-heavy luggage.

If you’re planning on traveling with your bicycle, make sure you do it safely by investing in a Scicon Bike Bag. Your bike will thank you!

Thule Bike Travel Case

Assuming you would like a blog post discussing the Thule RoundTrip Transition Bike Travel Case: If you’ve ever tried to travel with your bike, you know it can be a hassle. You have to take apart your bike, pack it in a cardboard box, and hope that it arrives at your destination in one piece.

The Thule RoundTrip Transition Bike Travel Case is designed to make traveling with your bike easier and less stressful. This hard-sided case can accommodate most road and mountain bikes, and features wheels for easy transport. Plus, the case has plenty of room for all of your bike gear, so you can pack everything you need for your trip in one place.

Whether you’re headed out on a cross-country road trip or flying to a race overseas, the Thule RoundTrip Transition Bike Travel Case will help get your bike there safely.

Thule Roundtrip Bike Case

If you’re looking for a bike case that will protect your investment and get you to your destination with ease, the Thule Roundtrip is the perfect choice. This premium bike case features durable construction and rolling wheels for easy transport. Plus, it has plenty of room for all your gear, making it ideal for long-distance trips or extended stays at your destination.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Thule Roundtrip Bike Case: Durable construction: The Thule Roundtrip is made from high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of travel. It features a sturdy aluminum frame and thick padding on all sides.

Plus, it has reinforced corners and a water-resistant bottom panel. So no matter where you’re going or how you’re getting there, your bike will be well protected inside this case. Rolling wheels: One of the best features of the Thule Roundtrip is its rolling wheels.

This makes it easy to transport, even when fully loaded with gear. Simply roll thecase behind you as you walk or pull it alongside you while riding public transportation. You’ll appreciate not having to carry your heavy bike case through airports or train stations!

Plenty of room: The Thule Roundtrip can accommodate most bikes up to 29 inches in size (including mountain bikes). And because it’s designed specifically for bicycles, there’s plenty of space inside for all your gear too – helmets, shoes, clothes, etc. No more struggling to fit everything into one bag!

Protective features: In addition to its durable construction, the Thule Roundtrip also has several protective features that ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound at your destination. For example, an integrated fork mount secures your front wheel in place during transit; internal straps keep everything else securely in place; and a zippered closure keeps out dust and dirt.


When it comes to protecting your bike during travel, there are a few different options to choose from. Cases and bags specifically designed for bikes offer the best protection, but they can be expensive. Here are 15 of the best bike travel cases and bags available, all of which will help keep your bike safe while you’re on the road.

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