How Old is My Raleigh Bike & 4 Ways to Find Age of Your Bike

Raleigh bikes are some of the most popular bicycles on the market. Many people enjoy riding them and they can last for many years if properly cared for. But, one question that often comes up is, “How old is my Raleigh bike?”

There are a few different ways that you can determine the age of your Raleigh bike. One way is to look at the serial number. The serial number will usually be located on the bottom bracket (the part of the frame where the pedals attach).

This method is not always accurate, though, as sometimes Raleigh reused numbers or used different numbering systems over the years. Another way to tell how old your Raleigh bike is by looking at certain features and components. For example, older Raleighs often had chrome-plated forks and stays (the parts of the frame that hold up the wheels), while newer ones tend to have black-painted or powder-coated forks and stays.

Older bikes also often had brazed-on fittings (for attaching fenders and racks), while newer ones usually have welded fittings. So, while there’s no surefire way to determine exactly how old your Raleigh bike is, these methods should give you a good idea. And if you’re still not sure, you can always contact Raleigh directly with your serial number and they might be able to give you more information about your specific bike.

If you’re a Raleigh bike fan, you might be wondering how old your Raleigh bike is. Here are four ways to find the age of your Raleigh bike: 1. Check the serial number.

The serial number on a Raleigh bike is usually located on the bottom bracket shell. With this information, you can contact Raleigh and they may be able to tell you the manufacture date of your bike. 2. Look for model specific features.

Certain features on Raleigh bikes changed over time, so by looking at your bike you may be able to narrow down what year it was made in. For example, older bikes tend to have riveted rather than welded frame joints. 3. Compare your bike to historical photos.

If you’re really stuck, try comparing your bike to historical photos of Raleigh bikes online or in books. This can help narrow down the range of years your bike might have been made in. 4. Ask an expert!

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How Do I Tell What Year My Raleigh Bike Is?

If you’re trying to determine the year of your Raleigh bike, there are a few things you can check. First, look for a serial number on the frame. The placement of the serial number varies depending on the model and year of bike, but it’s usually located on the bottom bracket shell or head tube.

If you can’t find a serial number, look for other identifying marks that might give you a clue about the bike’s age. For instance, older Raleigh bikes often have “Made in England” stamped on the frame. Once you’ve located a serial number or other identifier, you can try using an online database like Bike Index to see if anyone has registered their bike with that same information.

You can also contact Raleigh directly with your bike’s serial number; they may be able to tell you more about when it was made and sold. Finally, consult vintage bicycle resources like books or websites dedicated to older bikes; these can help you narrow down your search by providing information about specific models and years.

How Do You Read a Raleigh Bike Serial Number?

If you’re looking to find out more about your Raleigh bike, one of the first places you should check is the serial number. This unique code can tell you when and where your bike was made, as well as provide other important information. Here’s how to read a Raleigh bike serial number:

The first two letters of a Raleigh bike serial number indicate the month and year that the bike was manufactured. For example, “A5” would mean January 1965. The next two numbers reveal which factory assembled the bicycle.

The possibilities are: 01 = Nottingham, 02 = Ilkeston, 03 = Worksop, and 04 = Derby. The following two digits indicate the production line within the given factory where your Raleigh was made. So “01” would be line 1 in Nottingham, while “04” would be line 4 in Derby.

Finally, the last four digits represent the sequential number of that particular Raleigh model produced during that production run. So if yours is “0001”, it means it was the very first one made!

How Do I Find Out What Year My Bike Is?

If you’re like most bike owners, you probably don’t know exactly when your bike was made. Fortunately, there are a few ways to figure it out. The first place to start is the serial number.

This is usually located on the bottom bracket (the part of the frame where the pedals attach). The serial number can give you a rough idea of when the bike was made. For example, a serial number that starts with “1N” would indicate that the bike was made in 1991.

Once you have the serial number, you can try searching for it online. There are a few websites that keep records of bicycle serial numbers and their corresponding production dates. However, these databases are not always accurate and they only cover certain brands and models.

If all else fails, you can always consult an expert. Bring your bike to a local shop and ask if they can help you date it based on its features and components. Chances are, they’ve seen enough bikes in their lifetime to narrow down the range pretty accurately.

How Much are Raleigh Bicycles Worth?

Raleigh bicycles are some of the most popular bikes on the market, and they come in a wide range of prices. Depending on the model and features, Raleigh bikes can range in price from around $200 to over $1,000. Some of the factors that affect the price of a Raleigh bike include the type of bike, the materials used, and the level of quality.

For example, Raleigh makes both road bikes and mountain bikes. Road bikes are typically more expensive than mountain bikes because they are designed for speed and performance. Mountain bikes tend to be less expensive because they are built for durability and comfort rather than speed.

The materials used also affect the price of Raleigh bicycles. For instance, higher-end models often use carbon fiber frames which are lighter and stronger than other materials like aluminum or steel. This results in a higher price tag for those models.

Finally, the level of quality is another factor that determines how much a Raleigh bicycle is worth. The company offers entry-level models as well as top-of-the-line professional models. The entry-level models may not have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive options, but they still offer great quality at a more affordable price point.

How Old is My Raleigh Bike & 4 Ways to Find Age of Your Bike


List of Vintage Raleigh Bike Models

Raleigh has been making bikes since 1887, and in that time they’ve produced some truly iconic models. Here’s a list of some of the most popular vintage Raleighs, along with a brief description of each. The Chopper was Raleigh’s answer to the British market’s demand for muscle bikes in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

It was an instant hit, thanks to its unique style and cool features like ape hanger handlebars and a banana seat. The Grifter was another hugely popular model from Raleigh, introduced in 1976. It was designed as a BMX-style bike for kids, and featured distinctive ‘butterfly’ handlebars.

The Burner is one of the most famous Raleigh bikes, thanks to its association with BMX legend Eddie Fiola. It was introduced in 1983 and quickly became the bike of choice for BMX riders across the UK. The Dyna-Tech range was Raleigh’s high-end offering in the 1980s, and included models like the Team Pro (used by Tour de France winner Bernard Hinault) and the Record Ace (ridden by Olympic gold medalist Steve Robinson).

If you’re lucky enough to own any of these classic Raleigh bikes, then you have a real piece of cycling history!

List of Raleigh Bike Models 2000S

Raleigh has been in the business of making bicycles since 1887, and they’ve come a long way since then. In 2000, Raleigh released a line of bikes that they dubbed the “2000S.” This was a line of bikes that were designed for serious cyclists who wanted top-of-the-line performance.

The 2000S included models like the Record Ace, which was Raleigh’s flagship road bike at the time. Other notable models in the 2000S line included the Team Replica and the Sportif. These days, Raleigh offers a wide range of different bicycle models for all sorts of different riders.

But if you’re looking for a bike that harkens back to Raleigh’s glory days, then you can’t go wrong with one of their 2000S models.

List of Raleigh Bike Models 1950S

Raleigh Bicycle Company is a British bicycle manufacturer based in Nottingham, England. Founded by Frank Bowden in 1887, it is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world. From 1921 to 1935, Raleigh also produced motorcycles and three-wheel cars, leading to the formation of the Reliant Company.

In 1957, Raleigh was acquired by Tube Investments Ltd., which also owned BSA Cycles and Dunlop Rubber. In 1960 TI Cycle Components was formed to group together TI’s UK cycle interests including Raleigh. After going through several ownership changes, Raleigh bicycles are currently manufactured by Pacific Cycle, a subsidiary of Dorel Industries.

Raleigh has been responsible for many innovations in the bicycle industry including: the introduction of gears (1897), production of lightweight racing bikes (1920s), development of mountain bikes (1970s), and creation of BMX bikes (1970s). The company has also sponsored some of Britain’s most successful cyclists including Reg Harris, Tom Simpson and Chris Boardman.

List of Raleigh Bike Models 1990S

Raleigh was a British bicycle manufacturer founded in 1887. In the 1990s, Raleigh produced a number of different bike models, including the Mountain Bike, the Road Bike, and the Touring Bike. Each model had its own unique features and specifications.

The Mountain Bike was designed for off-road use and featured a sturdy frame and wide tires. The Road Bike was designed for speed and efficiency on paved roads. It had narrow tires and a lighter frame.

The Touring Bike was designed for long-distance riding and featured a comfortable seat, extra gear storage, and a durable frame.

What is My Vintage Raleigh Bike Worth

If you’ve stumbled across an old Raleigh bike, you might be wondering what it’s worth. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to this question. The value of a vintage Raleigh bike depends on a number of factors, including its condition, age, and provenance.

To get a general idea of how much your Raleigh bike is worth, start by checking out similar bikes on auction sites like eBay. Pay attention to the prices that similar bikes are selling for and use this information as a starting point when assessing your own bike’s value. Condition is one of the most important factors in determining the value of any vintage bike—and this is especially true for Raleighs.

A well-maintained Raleigh from the 1950s or 1960s can easily fetch several thousand dollars, while a rusty beater from the 1970s might not be worth more than a few hundred. If you’re not sure about the condition of your Raleigh, it’s always best to have it appraised by an expert before putting it up for sale. Age is another key factor in determining the value of your Raleigh bike.

Generally speaking, the older the bike is, the more valuable it will be (assuming it’s in good condition). That said, there are some notable exceptions—bikes from certain periods or with unique features can command high prices even if they’re relatively new. Again, it pays to do your research before listing your Raleigh for sale.

Finally, provenance—or where your Raleigh came from—can also affect its value. If you have documentation proving that your bike was once owned by a famous cyclist or used in an important race, for example, this could add significantly to its resale value. Whether or not you have such documentation (and whether or not potential buyers will believe it), however, is another matter entirely!

List of Raleigh Bike Models 1970S

The Raleigh Bicycle Company is a British bicycle manufacturer founded in 1887. In the early 1900s, they were the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world. In recent years, they have been best known for their road bikes.

However, they also make mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and kids’ bikes. Raleigh has been making bicycles since 1887 and they have a long history of producing high-quality bikes. The company was originally based in Nottingham, England but is now headquartered in Kent, England.

Raleigh has always been an innovator in the bike industry and was one of the first companies to mass-produce bicycles. In the 1970s, Raleigh produced a wide range of different bike models including road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and kids’ bikes. Some of their most popular models from this era include the Chopper, Record Ace, Superbe, Grand Prix,, Professional ,and Competition .

Raleigh’s Chopper bike was especially popular in the 1970s and was often seen as a status symbol among young people. Raleigh is still producing high-quality bicycles today and their current lineup includes both road and mountain bikes. If you’re looking for a well-made bike that will last you for many years to come then Raleigh should definitely be at the top of your list!


Raleigh bikes are some of the most popular bikes on the market, and they have a long history. Many people want to know how old their Raleigh bike is, and there are a few ways to find out. One way to find out how old your Raleigh bike is, is to look for the serial number.

The serial number is usually located on the bottom bracket or head tube. If you can’t find the serial number, you can also try looking up the bike’s model number. Another way to determine the age of your Raleigh bike is by looking at the components.

Older Raleigh bikes tend to have steel components, while newer ones have aluminum or other materials. You can also often tell by looking at the tires; older Raleigh bikes typically had blackwall tires, while newer ones have whitewall tires. If you’re still not sure how old your Raleigh bike is, you can try contacting customer service or taking it to a local bike shop.

They should be able to help you figure out its age based on its features and components.

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